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Is this for you?

Have you got a specific, defined objective in English? A problematic situation to resolve? Have you ever thought about a coach for your International Business English needs?

Thanks to a personalized course, with an individual immersion stay I can help you to develop the skills, fluency and accuracy you need to perform with confidence in your different business situations.(ex: reporting, meetings, confcalls, preparation for an interview, conference, business trip, research presentation, audit, customer meeting, prospection, sales pitch, technical explanations, negociating etc)

Designed for busy people

This end of week course designed for the busy professional, with a minimum A2 level, runs from Thursday evening 6pm to Saturday 3pm or from Friday evening 6pm to Sunday 3pm. This gives you 24 hours of direct contact time, of which 12 hours of individualized tuition time, entirely focused on your goal. A cost-effective, efficient service that concentrates on exactly what you need and adapts to your optimum way of working and learning.

The stay will be hard work but satisfying, motivating and will provide you with the tools you need to be operational and succeed in your English project.

If after your initial stay you need real operational accompaniment, you can use the Post Stay Package, a tailor made flexible solution, to assist you in your everyday work in English.

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Your working environment

There is on-site accommodation in clean, comfortable, modern en-suite facilities located in a work- conducive, relaxing environment.
Meals and beverages will be prepared according to you dietary requirements and personal preferences, we aim to please your palate and only use fresh ingredients in home cooked dishes.

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How to access to English Performance Coaching

Come and stay in a British bubble on an easy-access, other-world site located in historical, rural Brittany.

Pick-ups and drop offs organized from SNCF stations in Rennes (1hr20) or Vannes  (40mins)