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Your program is unique and tailor-made..

A program that we build together to fulfil your needs and priorities.

If you are preparing for a conference, need to communicate with your customers or partners, or you are preparing for your oral exam in English, your needs will be different.

You know better than anyone else what you need to work on during your stay and how you would like to work. Consequently there is no set program. We will work together to define a program that suits you, depending on your needs, your linguistic ability and the ways that you prefer working and assimilating language.
In the course of a telephone call prior to your stay, you will explain your communication objectives and we will identify language points to improve for you to be fully operationnal.

This will provide the road map for your training in immersion.

Work Schedule

Thursday or Friday

Arrival, 2hrs work session on your objectives, then aperitif, dinner, conversation.

Friday or Saturday

Breakfast, 3hrs training, lunch, 4hrs training, aperitif, dinner and then conversation/a film of the guest’s choice. (Optional free time at the end of the afternoon for phone calls, sport, etc…)

Saturday or Sunday

Breakfast, 3hrs training (of which 1 hour BRIGHT or BLISS test if you choose this option), lunch, closing session with feedback and next steps.

Post course



1540 euros all inclusive*

with BRIGHT test
Subsidized with CPF

1540 euros all inclusive*

with BLISS test
Subsidized with CPF

1450 euros all inclusive*

*(invoiced without VAT, non-applicable conform to article 393B CGI).


Pre-Weekend Package

Why not take advantage of the optional Pre-Weekend Package and get all the documents you need ready and in perfect English before your stay so we can concentrate on your oral skills? Translation, editing, proof reading, research etc.

Ask for a quote

Post Stay Package

Also available, an optional Post Stay Package for scripting, text re-working and last minute run-throughs, further questions, documents etc.
via skype.

1500 euros*

Bring your partner surcharge

For a modest surcharge you could bring your partner to share your experience. On the proviso that they only speak English during the stay and can entertain themselves during your work sessions.

200 euros*

Transport Rennes – Telléné- Rennes €200 * Transport Vannes – Telléné – Vannes €80* *invoiced without VAT, non- applicable conform to article 393B CGI

In English only and with another English speaker present at mealtimes and evenings. Site non accessible for the disabled but don’t hesitate to contact us for information on other options.


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